Criminal Law - in Maryland and North Carolina

We work tirelessly to give a voice to those accused of committing a minor crime.

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Sydnor Shapiro’s criminal law practice focuses on a wide range of cases and issues involving misdemeanors, including but not limited to:
  • Expungement (the legal process of removing the record of a criminal conviction from the state or federal record)
  • Domestic disputes between family members
  • Traffic violations (speeding tickets, driving without a license, etc.)
  • Misdemeanor assault and battery

How we help

We provide a consultation with each client to discuss their situation. Once retained, we’ll obtain and review documents, investigate the case, file motions when appropriate, and determine what can be done on the client’s behalf.

While accountability is essential, punishment should never be excessive. We work to resolve issues through mediation, identify the underlying causes of criminal behavior, and provide resources to overcome those problems, such as substance abuse treatment and various forms of therapy.

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RESTORATIVE JUSTICE is our philosophy

We believe in restorative justice. Rather than simply viewing a criminal act as a law violation that requires punishment, restorative justice views crime as a violation of relationships and seeks reconciliation between the offender, the victim, and the community.

The goal is to bring all parties together to ensure accountability, repair the harm done, and enable healing. Help the victim and the offender. This approach is more likely to prevent repeat offenses and reduce the dehumanization that often occurs in the criminal justice system.