Family Law

We believe in creating families and keeping them together. Our family law focuses on LGBTQ rights, same sex adoption law and surrogacy law.

LGBTQ Family Law

We are passionate about protecting all families - no matter the parents sex or the number of people in the family.

Some are legal issues regarding families are universal, while others are specific to the LGBTQ experience. Some same sex family law issues are straightforward, while others are complicated. At Grey Dog Law, we understand that family law isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition.

We serve the LGBTQ community in North Carolina. We understand your concerns and honor your unique experience. We are deeply committed to advocating for same-sex family law. We will strive to achieve the best outcome for you and your family.


One of life's most joyful journeys

Adoption can arguably be one of life’s most joyful journeys. Fulfilling this dream will bring you much happiness.

Sydnor Shapiro PLLC is committed to ensuring that the adoption process focuses on the joy and not the headache. We will advocate for you. From the initial paperwork stages to the court hearings all the way through to the final moments of bringing home your precious child, our compassionate legal team will be right by your family’s side every step of the way. 

Whether you’re searching out a better home for your child, you’re a step-parent interested in adoption in NC, or you’re trying to adopt an infant or relative, we can ensure a favorable outcome for you and your family.

Same sex adoption,  for couples, has historically been strewn with hurdles. Even though same-sex adoption is legal in all 50 states, same-sex couples may still face foster care and adoption laws, policies, or practices that permit agencies to continue to discriminate against them. That’s why you need a law firm on your side to advocate the legal landscape of North Carolina LGBTQ rights.

Two women holding sonogram


Everyone can have a family.
Gestational Surrogacy is permitted in North Carolina because no statute or published case law prohibits it. Same-sex couples in general have the same rights as heterosexual couples.

However, depending on whether you are married or unmarried and the place of birth of the child, laws can change as to the best way to establish parental rights.  Sydnor Shapiro PLLC is committed to ensuring support to Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers from both a legal and personal perspective.

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