No-conflict Divorce

Divorce doesn’t have to be messy, with the right lawyer to work with you it is possible to negotiate all the terms of a divorce and stay out of court.

What are the benefits of no-conflict divorce?

If you and your spouse agree for the most part on the splitting of your property a no-conflict divorce will save you money in legal and court fees. Staying out of court, will on average save each person $20,000.00.
Why stay out of divorce court?

When couples  work with divorce lawyers the goal is to  negotiate all the terms of a divorce, without mud-slinging or fighting in court. Agreeing on  the critical terms of divorce, like property and debt division, child custody and child support, and spousal support you will be able to live your separate lives more quickly. In addition, the less mud slinging involved the better it is for your children.  When agreement is made out of court, the children feel more settled and less discombobulated by the change in living arrangements of their parents.

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Sydnor Shapiro PLLC is experienced in no-conflict divorce.  Actually, that is the only kind of divorce we will advocate and contract. Divorce (other than death of a loved one) is one of the most stressful periods in many peoples lives.  We will fairly advocate for you so that your divorce decree is agreed upon with the least amount of stress.  Our goal is to save you money by staying out of court and to allow for a smooth transition for your children.

Once you have a divorce agreement, you will be secure in knowing what to expect.  In terms of custody arrangements and income…

Security that the agreement will hold into the future.
Save legal and court fees
Save time

The no - conflict (fight) divorce process


Create a list of owned property


Evaluate options


Work towards the resolution.


Property settlement and custody agreements signed by both parties.

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